Alles aus einer Hand!


Maritime A-Services is a design office working on yachts, floating houses and maritime architecture. With our team having dacades of experience we are the perfect partner for your ideas.

Because of our experiences and technical expertise we are of cause able to provide the "normal" services in planning and designing, but the basic concept of our company is to realize transport, working and last but not least living on water.

We develop innovative, cost-saving and effective solutions for your project.

We deliver a custom-made master plan for you.


Living with and on water has a special attraction to many people and of cause to us. It  is our designing focus and allows us finding artful details and lightning effects, which are just realizable and livable with the element water.

We want to communicate our enthusiasm, the benefit, the various possibilities and chances that a life with the element water can provide.

As well as the archimedic prinzip gives a floating structure the needed natural draft, the realization of interesting projects with maritime ideas gives us our natural draft for the daily work with all kind of floating items.